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Important Updates

Hello to all of our business clients,

The first wave of tax season, the preparing and filing of W-2 and 1099 forms, has come to a close. As you know W-2s are issued to employees and 1099s are issued to independent contractors. While everyone is aware that tax information Forms W-4, WH-4, and I-9 are required to be provided by employees, not everyone is aware that Form W-9 should be filled out by all independent contractors that perform a service for you and by anyone to whom you pay rent.

Examples of independent contractors include consultants, construction contractors, cleaning services, lawn maintenance companies, and attorneys.

Click on the resource tab to find a pdf of a blank W-9 form that you can copy and give to any independent contractor to fill out. Ideally the W-9 should be filled out by these individuals before the job begins or at least before you issue them a check for their services. Obtaining the information up front will make it much easier on you when 1099s are due to be issued. As some of you have experienced this past month, it’s not always easy to contact someone months after they have performed a service and get them to fill out and return the form.

Please call the office if you have any questions about 1099s or the W-9 form.