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We place an emphasis on quality of service. As a condition of our membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, we participate in a rigorous quality control program, which includes peer reviews of our accounting practice. This review ensures our compliance with the highest of professional standards and our commitment to holding the best continuing professional education standards as required by federal and state agencies.

What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship to ensure that the client's planning and execution are designed specifically to meet his or her accounting and financial needs and goals.

Meet Our Staff!

Sandra Bapple

Certified Public Accountant

Sandy is a graduate of Calumet College, but the rest of her I.U .family does not hold that against her. She is a member of both the AICPA and Indiana CPA Society. A CPA with decades of experience, her area of expertise is setting up accounting systems, project and firm management, as well as working with numerous Not for Profit organizations. She has been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2002 and an everyday-life pro advisor since 1985.

Sandy enjoys running and spending time outside of work with her husband, family, and critters.

Fun Fact: As CEO of Bapple & Bapple, Sandy had a golden crown commissioned from London and only wears it once a year (on her birthday).

Matt Bapple

Certified Public Accountant

Matt is a 1977 graduate of Indiana University, so he can still remember when IUMBB was capable of winning a championship. He is a member of both the AICPA and the Indiana CPA Society. He is a taxation (with representation) expert who focuses on complex and multifaceted clients. He uses his knowledge and experience in tax as well as operational and managerial roles accountants hold to take a larger view and keep our clients educated, supported, and prepared for the variety of challenges waiting in a constantly changing environment.

When not at work, Matt spends his free time with his wife and family.

Fun Fact: While some people prefer slow drip or french press coffee, Matt just has Starbuck's Pike Street Coffee injected into his bloodstream through IV.

Luke Bapple

Certified Public Accountant

Luke is a CPA with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Kelley School at Indiana University, where they hate it if you spell their name with only one "L" for some reason. Luke has been working with Bapple & Bapple since 2009, but Sandy and Matt recognize him as part of the family since 1985. He is focused on new technologies as well as setting up accounting systems, analysis, personal and business tax preparation.

Luke is enjoys reading, movies, and spending time with his wife and family.

Fun Fact: After the robots take over, Luke will be the first one to turn you in to our new overlords.

Jake Bapple

Director of Marketing

Jake has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Operations from the I.U. Kelley School of Business as well as a Bachelor’s in Germanic Studies. He has strongly considered giving his degrees to charity as they're just gathering dust. He excels at maintaining the company’s web presence (a.k.a. what you're currently reading), creating advertising and promotional material, and special projects. He has been working with the firm since 2011.

Jake enjoys spending time with his friends and family, music, reading and running. Mostly, he loves to be around his wife, Hannah, and their two pups.

Fun Fact: Jake's super power is the ability to continue conversations without actually hearing what the other person is saying.

Nate Bapple

Human Resources Coordinator

Nate has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the I.U. School of Public and Environmental Affairs (a bit wordy, right?) as well as Minors in Human Resources and German. He started with Bapple & Bapple in 2015, and currently focuses on Human Resources, payroll research, special projects, payables and company payrolls.

Nate enjoys movies music and spending time with his wife, family, friends and hanging with his pets. He also recently fathered a child, Maci! There is no longer free time.

Fun Fact: Nate named one of his dogs, Snoopy, after his favorite government agency (hello, NSA!).

Jamie Leininger


Jamie has been with the firm since May of 2012. She graduated from Davenport University in 2010, with an accounting degree and then received her MBA from Purdue University North Central in 2012. Her I.U. co-workers do take some umbrage with this fact but maintain friendly relations anyways. Jamie prepares payrolls, bank reconciliations, general ledgers, and payroll tax returns. Jamie is a Pro Advisor for QuickBooks 2012.

Jamie's time away from work is spent gardening and enjoying time with her husband and two daughters.

Fun Fact: Jamie was a professional yodeler and will "sing" at request as long as you throw a live mouse at her feet.

Brittanie Munro


Brittanie is currently attending Purdue Northwest with plans of completing her Bachelors in Accounting in May of 2019 and continuing to an MBA with a specialty in Accounting. Brittanie is the proud mother of her son Brantley, along with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 mice, and about 10 fish. She was also in the Air Force for over 10 years.

Brittanie got the awesome job of working with Military Working Dogs for majority of her time in the Military, and in her spare time, she loves playing with her animals or going fishing with her son and husband.

Fun Fact: Brittanie consistently out-crafts her son in Minecraft but is too nice to tell him. She also is secretly training all of these animals so she can attain the prestigious title of "Beastmaster" for her guild.

Rachael Perry

Certified Public Accountant

Rachael graduated from Indiana State University in 2001 with a degree in Accounting. She became a CPA in 2003, and joined the firm in September 2007 (she was definitely NOT fighting crime in costume for the four years in between). She has extensive knowledge in individual and corporate income tax.

Rachael's time away from the office is spent caring for her children and watching them play many different sports.

Fun Fact: As her email is "rperry", she has been getting governor Rick Perry's emails for a decade and has said nothing to him.

Liz Rotatori


Liz has been with the firm since August of 2019. She graduated from Carroll College in 2000, with a BS in Accounting. She worked as a corporate accountant, and nonprofit finance manager before Bapple & Bapple. She prepares payrolls, bank reconciliations, general ledgers, payroll tax returns and individual income tax returns. Liz is a Pro Advisor for QuickBooks Online.

Liz's time away from work is spent playing music, going to concerts, volunteering and driving her children to their sports and activities.

Fun Fact: Liz can play the clarinet, piano and sing (mostly in the car to annoy her kids).

Stephanie Solich


When walking-in or calling our firm, you will be immediately greeted by Stephanie (take a mint, A mint). She joined our firm in 2008, and has been a lifelong resident of northwest Indiana. Stephanie not only handles client interactions, she is an expert at coordinating schedules and ensuring that our clients are met with professional and friendly service. Prior to joining us, Stephanie worked in the real estate business for several years making her very familiar with an office setting (although she once accidentally hosted an open house at the office out of habit).

Stephanie spends her time out of the office with her family and friends. She enjoys traveling when it is possible to relax on the beach and see new cultures.

Fun Fact: The level of Stephanie's tan-ness is directly proportional to how much patience she has.

Cassie Wilkins

Office Administrative Assistant

Cassie is a proud graduate of Kaplan College, with an Associate degree in Medical Office Administration. She is also our keeper of records and is responsible for scanning and organizing our client files. In addition to pitching in and answering the phones when needed, she helps with tax return set up, 1099’s, and monitoring Business Entity Reports.

When she is not working, she keeps herself busy by being a single Mom to an adorable daughter, Taylor. If she has free time, she would spend it by going out with family and friends. She especially loves game nights, reading, and going to Six Flags.

Fun Fact: While working at Bapple and Bapple, Cassie adopted her pet, "Butters," from one of the cleaning ladies.

Sue Yekich

Special Projects

Sue has been with the firm since mid-tax season 1995, when shorts were short and flannels were made out of flannel. During her time with this company she has had numerous positions. Sue started out as the receptionist and moved into the position of administrative assistant. She is now our special projects person, organizing the incoming information from new and current clients, along with tracking changes and new projects that need detailed work. Sue handles a myriad of tasks; from tax return set up and information research to following up with clients and year end reporting requirements such as 1099s, Sue is a true Jackie of all trades. She is always happy to answer your questions if she can or guide you to another person to help if it is not her expertise (which is rare).

Her time away from work is spent with her family, her husband, three daughters, son-in-laws, chocolate lab, and of course, the grandkids!

Fun Fact: While working for B&B for the past 20+ years, Sue has been collecting all the dropped paper clips and staples to form one giant metal art piece she lovingly refers to as "Metal Nick".